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Ecosystem Visits and Programs

Visit and experience Espoo’s innovation and sustainable travel ecosystems

Enter the city of innovations and sustainable travel experiences. In Espoo’s innovation ecosystem, you are already in nature. In the south, there’s the stunning archipelago. In the north awaits the vast wilderness of Nuuksio National Park. In Espoo, business and innovations go hand-in-hand with beautiful nature and a great quality of living.

What do you get with Ecosystem Visits and Programs service? 

Through Enter Espoo, you get easy access to the leading innovation hub in the Nordic countries, meet the right experts, and find exciting adventures and locations. 

  • Meet and work with the innovation drivers of Finland: startups, accelerators, innovation players, and big companies. 
  • Visit companies and places like Aalto University, VTT, Fortum, Startup Sauna, A Grid startup community, Aalto Design Factory, and much more. 
  • Get a tailored tour for your visit: a full program with the best places to go and the right people to meet.
  • Take a virtual tour of the innovation hotspots or explore the travel locations with the DayTripster app

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Visit Espoo

Hop on a city bike and ride along the beautiful coastline of the archipelago. Experience the wild forests, steep hills and countless lakes of Nuuksio National Park. Visit Espoo enables you the full experience of what Espoo has to offer during your stay or congress visit. 

Visit Espoo