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On this page, Ossi Ritvos, your go-to expert in smart energy and smart city business in Espoo, discusses why you should do sustainable business in Espoo's innovation ecosystem — Finland's leading area in the smart energy and smart city sectors. Ossi will be at Hannover Messe 2022 and is happy to talk with you more.

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"For a global company like Beiersdorf, it is essential to be present in all the places where innovation happens. Finland, and especially Espoo, is such a place." Dirk Ploss, Head of Digital Technologies Scouting and Advisory, Beiersdorf.

What does Espoo offer in the smart energy and smart city sectors?

"Espoo is one of the best places for product development in Europe. Espoo's innovation players applied for the 6th most patents in Europe in 2021, while Espoo-based companies received investments of almost €0.5 billion.

Here, you can find Finland's leading smart city and energy players. Finland's biggest companies like Nokia, Fortum, and Neste are headquartered and test solutions in Espoo. Smart Otaniemi, the country's official smart energy business and research network, Aalto University, and VTT Technical Research Center of Finland are also located here. Espoo is the perfect testbed with a lot of talent available."

What are the most significant projects happening in smart energy and smart city sectors in Espoo?

"Microsoft and Fortum's data centre-waste heat recovery collaboration project is definitely one. Microsoft is building a data centre in Espoo that will provide zero-emission district heating for 250,000 residents. The collaboration will be the world's largest waste heat recovery project for data centres. Another one is that VTT is building Europe's leading clean energy piloting centre in Espoo.

For the city, clean energy is one of the most important targets. Espoo is one of the most sustainable cities in Europe and has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030."

What do you get by working with Enter Espoo?

"We give you easy access to Espoo and Finland's smart energy and smart city ecosystems. With us, you can find the right startups and technologies, and we can connect you to prominent innovation players and companies. Then, if you want to find talent or set up an office or R&D unit in Espoo, we're the experts to help you with that."

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Social and easy-going, Ossi performs best in complex projects under tight schedules. When a situation looks hopeless, Ossi starts to warm up. As a traditional Finn, business comes before pleasure to him. However, outside the office, you might find Ossi at Nuuksio's remote areas or Espoo's local breweries. And if you're lucky enough to catch him, you're sure to get the friendliest of welcomes — whoever you are.
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