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Satellite in space earth. Photo: VTT

New space

Enter the city of world-class satellite technology

Finland’s new space technology transfer is taking off from Espoo. Here, the top Finnish new space players conduct the mission by solving some of the world’s biggest problems on the ground of planet Earth first: fighting climate change, securing food sufficiency, and enabling 5G connectivity — everywhere.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland leads the Finnish new space tech development in industries like traffic and public safety, maritime, defence, and arctic solutions. VTT’s world-class satellite tech expertise is critical in transferring 5G technology to space. With the presence of European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) and a stellar ecosystem of new space startups, Espoo’s innovation ecosystem can take your business to space.

Espoo’s new space strengths

  • 5G
  • Nanosatellites
  • Positioning
  • Geo-mapping
  • Services monitoring the environment

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Why should you do new space business in Espoo? 

In Espoo’s innovation ecosystem, you are among the leading new space players in Finland. VTT specialises in advanced remote sensing and satellite data analytics and creates 5G satellite-terrestrial integration with ESA

In the local Millimetre Wave Laboratory of Finland (MilliLab), VTT and Aalto University develop 5G communications technologies to support future missions of the European space industry and ESA. 

And speaking of 5G in space, Nokia will build and deploy the first-ever cellular communications network on the Moon for NASA.

There’s also a constellation of new space startups shining brilliantly in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem:

  • Aurora Propulsion has created the smallest rocket engine on the market.
  • ICEYE has launched an advanced synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) that delivers reliable, timely imaging data at any time and in any weather.
  • Terramonitor provides the world's most dynamic and comprehensive cloud-free mapping and analysing platform of the globe.

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Social and easy-going, Ossi performs best in complex projects under tight schedules. When a situation looks hopeless, Ossi starts to warm up. As a traditional Finn, business comes before pleasure to him. However, outside the office, you might find Ossi at Nuuksio's remote areas or Espoo's local breweries. And if you're lucky enough to catch him, you're sure to get the friendliest of welcomes — whoever you are.

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Facts & figures

Did you know? Aalto University students designed and built the first Finnish satellite, Aalto-2, that was launched into space in 2017.

Big numbers: VTT has over 20 years of space tech research experience. VTT has created solutions and hardware to several missions for NASA, ESA, and major space companies. 

Earth hurricane seen from ISS international space station. Photo: VTT
Earth hurricane seen from ISS international space station. Photo: VTT.

What does sustainability mean in new space?

Space-based applications and their spinoffs have vast potential for socio-economic development and environmental protection. Solutions created for the space industry can be used for natural resource management, weather and climate monitoring, agriculture as well as for health applications.

Communication infrastructures in outer space can contribute to creating early warning systems and mitigating the effects of natural disasters. Also, the broader adoption of non-military space applications can strengthen research-based political decision making.


Hero image: VTT