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Innovation Search

With Innovation Search, companies and investors find the right startups, scaleups and innovation partners, get tech screenings and easy access to Espoo’s innovation ecosystem.

Enter the ecosystem of innovations

Through Enter Espoo’s Innovation Search, international companies and investors find the right startups, scaleups, technologies, and innovation partners from Espoo’s innovation ecosystem. 

Espoo is the birthplace of the Finnish startup boom. In this ecosystem, you find the bright minds of Aalto University and VTT — the biggest applied research institution in the Nordic countries. You can also meet major innovation players, such as Aalto Startup Center, EIT Digital, Innovation House Finland, and many of the biggest Finnish companies, and international corporations. 

What do you get with Innovation Search?

  • Tailored matchmaking. Meet the right startups and scaleups in the ecosystem that has produced most of the unicorns in Finland and where dozens of startups are born every year.
  • Technology screening. Tell us what you are looking for, and we find the right technologies and startups for you. Our strong ecosystem knowledge and experience are supported by digital tools like our Launchpad matchmaking platform.
  • Easy access and visibility. Be part of the community. We give you easy access to what’s happening in the leading innovation ecosystem in the Nordics: Take part in local hackathons and events, join our annual, flagship startup-investor event Knights of Nordics, and access various expert networks and innovation and travel hotspots.

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"From the selection of interesting, fitting and innovative startups to the organisation of several one-to-one meetings, it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional and flexible team." Dirk Ploss, Head of Digital Technologies Scouting and Advisory, Beiersdorf 

Want to find the best startups in Finland?

In our Launchpad matchmaking platform, you can view some of the most existing Finnish startups.

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Always an optimist and never losing his curiosity, Glenn is dedicated to helping companies and investors find the best pieces of Finland with his innovative team. This native of the land where Fußball is king is a living encyclopaedia of Espoo. He made the greatest investment of his life in Finland, whose nature is so stunning it attracts him away from football pitches to the forest for a run.
Director, Innovation, Growth & Invest In