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Health and ageing society

Enter the city of AI-enhanced health & wellbeing

Espoo’s innovation ecosystem is Finland’s central hub of health and wellbeing innovations. Espoo is the home for Finland's leading deep tech startups, world-class research, global health companies, and some of the leading Finnish health and pharmaceutical corporations.

And it’s not just the companies that embrace digital health. The City of Espoo works together with a wide variety of public and private players to offer the highest-quality services to its citizens. Espoo, for instance, utilises artificial intelligence and digitally stored health data to offer better elderly care and more individualised healthcare services. The city has also set on the path to becoming a world leader in ethical rules for AI and digital equality.

Espoo’s health & wellbeing strengths

  • Personalised health
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data analytics
  • Sensor technology
  • Pharmaceutical

We help you find the right health and wellbeing business and investment opportunities 

By working with Enter Espoo, you get easy access to the business opportunities and get connected with health and wellbeing companies and organisations in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem and elsewhere in Finland.


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Why should you do health & ageing society business in Espoo?

Health tech is Finland's biggest export sector, and Finland has the most R&D professionals and healthcare startups per capita in the world. In Espoo’s innovation ecosystem, you can connect and work with world-class health tech startups, research organisations, and corporations like:  

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI)
  • International pharma companies: Bayer Nordic and Finland HQs of Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis and AstraZeneca, and Siemens Finland.
  • Orion, Finland’s largest pharma company 
  • Aalto University’s Aalto Health Platform

Espoo offers an ideal testbed for international healthcare companies and a first-rate living quality for the people that live here. 

Facts & figures

It’s the law! Finnish Biobank Act of 2012 enables the commercial and scientific use of the national biobanks.

Did you know? Finland’s pioneering digital health registries date back to the 1960s and electronic health records (EHR) store the data of the whole population.

Big numbers: Espoo and TietoEVRY used the data of 520,000 people and 37 million customer contacts in a globally unique AI experiment that recognised risk groups who need social support the most.

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What does sustainability mean in health and ageing society?

Promoting wellbeing and ensuring healthy lives for people of all ages is essential to sustainable development. Good quality of life is more than just having a job and money to spend. People need a healthy and enjoyable living environment as well as possibilities of recreational activities and social relationships. People need to feel that they both belong and have a chance to make an impact in their community.

The cities’  role is vital in encouraging an active lifestyle. Nature and everyday physical activities should be accessible to everyone. City infrastructure needs to support social and cultural life, citizen engagement, and provide space for people to breath, move and live their lives. 

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