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Sunny view from Keilaniemi Espoo.

Landing and Invest in Services

We help you to enter the market and start your business in Espoo.

Espoo is growing strongly. As a result, the service level and infrastructure in the area are under pressure. At the same time, this challenge creates the potential for the development of new service concepts. The city’s mission is to manage growth by finding sustainable solutions and services that focus on increasing the wellbeing of residents and visitors while respecting natural values.

Enter Espoo is the one-stop-shop that helps tourism and service companies to find a location and to get the necessary permits to start a business in Espoo. We know the right people in the area as well as the organisation of the City of Espoo.

We strive to find the best possible experts to help you.

Over the years, we have supported startups and companies like Bout, Skipperi, Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants and Laguuni Watersport Center to enter the market and start their business in Espoo.


Hero image: the City of Espoo

Profile picture of Miikka Valo



Director, Conventions & Tourism
Miikka is the embodiment of calm, and he possesses a phenomenal sense of humour. He's Pori's gift to Espoo as he guides his Visit team with a firm but gentle hand. The "El Presidente" of the travel sector is a one-of-a-kind expert on the congress world's twists and turns, development projects, and the most spectacular destinations. Outside work, he focuses on his family and sports activities — preferably of the winter kind.