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Development projects

concrete steps towards a more sustainable tourism region

Enter Espoo/ Visit Espoo is running two large projects supporting the development of sustainable tourism and the practical measures: CarbonWise and Digital availability and discoverability.

CarbonWise promotes the carbon wisdom of companies

Project makes companies aware of their carbon footprint and the parameters it consists of, finds ways to decrease it and builds up a competitive advantage based on a carbon-wise strategy.

This project encourages companies to re-examine their product and service development and consider the possibilities offered by circular economy and climate challenge-based wise activities. Being carbon-wise refers to implementing company activities in a way that minimises the negative environmental impact throughout the product life cycle and organisation level activities.

Objectives of the project

  • To enable companies to understand, monitor and analyse their carbon footprint parameters in order to minimise their carbon footprint.
  • To provide companies with means and tools for minimising their carbon footprint as well as ways to implement compensation and carbon handprint activities.
  • To encourage companies to aim at having a competitive advantage based on a carbon-wise brand design strategy.
  • To promote corporate responsibility at regional level and to encourage innovative solutions, trials and pilots.
  • To demonstrate ways to reduce the carbon footprint of cities and to make actions transparent by having a positive impact on the everyday lives of the residents.

The target group of the development actions in Espoo are companies in the tourism industry.

The CarbonWise project is a joint project of Enter Espoo Oy, BusinessOulu and Turku University of Applied Sciences. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the “Six City Strategy” and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council. Project period is April 1st, 2020–December 31st, 2021.

More information: Project Manager Karoliina Korpela

Together towards knowledge-driven destination management

Digital availability and discoverability development project promotes the ability of the digital operating environment in Espoo and the surrounding areas to grow international tourism and aims to ensure the seamless customer experience of the travelers arriving in the area from inspiration to shopping and recommendation. 

As part of the project, Visit Espoo will test a digital platform for knowledge-based management and develop a regional business model to reach tour operators, MICE operators and consumers. The goal of enabling digital purchasing in Espoo and its neighbouring areas will be pursued by, among other things, developing digital and responsible tourism products and route suggestions and making the supply directly available for purchase in the international distribution environment. 

The development project is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Regional Council of Southwest Finland and Regional Council of Etelä-Savo.

The period of execution: From 1 November 2020 to 31 December 2021.

More information: Project Manager Tiina Backman

Hero image: Antti Kangassalo

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Open and positive, Karoliina enjoys project work with all her heart. This project guru guides tourism businesses to take a carbon-wise path to responsibility. To balance her independent work, she enjoys the magnificent treasures offered by nature near her home by going on walks with her children, climbing on rocks, and doing urban boating.
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Tiina is a tough tourism professional who fills the office with laughter, leaving no one gloomy. Tiina excels in promoting leisure travel with partners. What else would the travel ambassador of Espoo do in her spare time than hunt wild herbs in the woods or look for new local travel treasures aboard her SUP board.
Marketing & Sales Manager