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Education and learning

Enter the class of EdTech innovators

Education needs to realign with the changing world, with rising populations, advancing technologies, and new skill requirements. Educational technologies coming from Espoo's innovation ecosystem respond to the global needs of teaching, studying, and learning.

In Espoo, you can get involved with xEdu, Europe's leading business accelerator for edtech startups. You also find transformative educational startups that offer you anything from gamified cyber-security teaching, the world’s largest music education service technology, and machine-learning-based language games for children. Enter Espoo and learn what's next in edtech innovation!

Espoo's education and learning strengths

  • Co-Creation
  • Teacher, child, and student support
  • XR/VR and games simulation
  • Language learning
  • Coding

We help you to find the right education and learning business and investment opportunities

Enter Espoo helps you to get easy access to Espoo and Finland’s education and learning ecosystems. We help you connect with edtech startups as well as educational organisations and players throughout Finland.

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Why should you do education and learning business in Espoo?

Finns believe in education. The teachers are highly educated, and they have a lot of autonomy. It’s no wonder that behind several edtech companies, there are teachers who have created the solutions.

Former, one-size-fits-all learning solutions don’t work anymore. Digitalisation is essential to turn the focus on the individual learner. That’s why Espoo is setting up a structure where cities and schools become innovation platforms for new edtech development.

The Finnish education system is a world-class example of how governments and cities, educators and innovators can build meaningful solutions together with students. So, come and join the digital education revolution!

Facts & figures

It’s the law! Education is a fundamental right in Finland. It’s also free from pre-primary to higher education, and the same opportunities are available to all residents.

Did you know? Finland has the second most skilled workforce in the world (WEF 2019).

Big numbers: Finland is the best country in Europe in lifelong learning (European Commission, European Innovation Scoreboard 2019: Lifelong learning).

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Find the startups in Finland

Discover intelligence on Espoo-based and Finnish startups on the Dealroom platform.

What does sustainability mean in education and learning?

Education is an indispensable to sustainable development. The right information and knowledge can change people’s values and actions as well as encourage them to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Education is also a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition that affects so many worldwide.

Good quality education prepares people to make decisions and live their lives in a way that improves the quality of living for all — without compromising the planet. Education should also aim to integrate sustainable values into all aspects and levels of learning.


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