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Growth Services

We match your startup or scaleup with international corporations and investors and help you enter international markets.

Enter the ecosystem of Finnish unicorns 

From Espoo come the finest Finnish startup success stories. Supercell and Slush were born here. So are about a hundred startups, every year. No wonder international companies come here to find out what’s next in innovation. We know this because we help them to do so. 

We work continuously with international corporations and investors and match them with the right startups, scaleups, and technologies in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem. We also help your startup to enter international markets by working together with our Finnish and international partners.

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"Enter Espoo has acted extremely professionally and efficiently, allowing us to focus on our core substance. To anyone not yet involved, we highly recommend engaging with Enter Espoo!" — Jari Närhi, Business development & partners at Wellmo

Get business opportunities through Launchpad

By signing up to Launchpad, you make sure that we can find your startup and offer you the right opportunities to connect with international corporations or investors.

Enter Espoo builds long-term partnerships with international companies and investors. This is why we need to ensure that the incoming companies meet the right startups and find the right technologies. We use our Launchpad matchmaking platform to make this happen.

Enter Espoo activities and events powered by Launchpad

"We joined an online meeting during Corporate-Startup Online Weeks with an international corporate, and Enter Espoo arranged everything perfectly. Without them, we would not have been able to tell about our company to this big player." — Kirsi Kaukonen, Co-Founder of Nikki Newd

How do we help you with Growth Services?

  1. First, we talk to the investors and corporations to know what they are looking for.
  2. Then, we find the suitable startups and scaleups by using our strong local knowledge, wide network of partners, and digital tools like our Launchpad matchmaking platform.
  3. Finally, we make the right matches in events such as our annual Knights of Nordics investor event or digital activities like our Corporate-Startup Online Weeks. Sometimes we even bring the investor/ corporation right to your doorstep.

Internationalisation opportunities

How can your startup join our market entry events and activities?

  1. We work with our local and Finnish partners like Aalto University, VTT, Helsinki Business Hub, and Business Finland. We also work with international partners like Entrepreneurship Roundtable Accelerator from New York.
  2. We co-organise an event like USA Bootcamp or Corporate-Startup Online Weeks to match international corporations and investors with startups/ scaleups. 
  3. Sometimes we also invite a group of companies to join a delegation to a foreign market to make a bigger splash together.   

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Always an optimist and never losing his curiosity, Glenn is dedicated to helping companies and investors find the best pieces of Finland with his innovative team. This native of the land where Fußball is king is a living encyclopaedia of Espoo. He made the greatest investment of his life in Finland, whose nature is so stunning it attracts him away from football pitches to the forest for a run.
Director, Innovation, Growth & Invest In