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Enter Espoo team collecting garbage outdoors.

Our Team


Profile picture of Jaana Tuomi



Open and ambitious, Jaana leads a pack of twenty artists, reflects on the brand and develops (sometimes wild) visions with her team. This orchestrator of ecosystems is a natural-born networker — she wants to help others grow and develop and goes all-out for her projects. Her personal growth and peace of mind stem from yoga, enjoying nature and her family.
Profile picture of Anne Haarnoja



Administration and Management Coordinator

Growth Team

Miska Hakala



Director, Innovation, Growth & Invest In
Profile picture of Mayumi Shimizu



Senior Business Advisor
The energetic Mayumi is the master matchmaker and top organiser of visits. She knows pretty much all there is to know about Espoo's innovation ecosystem. This Japanese gift to Enter Espoo helps international corporations land in Espoo and investors to find the finest success stories. She spends her leisure on her kids' terms, enjoying the culture and outdoors in Espoo's Waterfront Walkway and Nuuksio.
Profile picture of Ossi Ritvos



Senior Business Advisor
Social and easy-going, Ossi performs best in complex projects under tight schedules. When a situation looks hopeless, Ossi starts to warm up. As a traditional Finn, business comes before pleasure to him. However, outside the office, you might find Ossi at Nuuksio's remote areas or Espoo's local breweries. And if you're lucky enough to catch him, you're sure to get the friendliest of welcomes — whoever you are.

Visit Team

Profile picture of Miikka Valo



Director, Conventions & Tourism
Miikka is the embodiment of calm, and he possesses a phenomenal sense of humour. He's Pori's gift to Espoo as he guides his Visit team with a firm but gentle hand. The "El Presidente" of the travel sector is a one-of-a-kind expert on the congress world's twists and turns, development projects, and the most spectacular destinations. Outside work, he focuses on his family and sports activities — preferably of the winter kind.
Profile picture of Hanna Saari



Marketing Communications Manager
Happy, sparkling, and a bit of a hippie, Hanna writes quality social media and online content and brochures. She also ensures that the media and opinion leaders enjoy successful visits. This "wannabe" journalist writes with a twinkle in her eye but is a stickler for grammar — a real word nerd that loves the Finnish language. To unwind, she goes jogging or enjoys a glass of wine with friends.
Profile picture of Riikka Laatikainen



Senior Advisor, Meetings & Congresses
Helpful and analytical, Riikka is a multi-skilled marketing and meeting sector professional. Her talent shines when she helps meeting and event organisers to find the best pieces of Espoo. She sees the big picture, is a master with a pen and the quality of her work is unfailing. Riikka is a true nature fan — she enjoys the nearby nature and explores Finland's magnificent national parks with her dogs.
Paula Lappalainen



Senior Advisor, Conventions & Tourism
Paula is an experienced tourism and marketing professional whose engine are people and experiences. She is an event person through and through. That is why we happily have her in our team promoting Espoo as a lively city of conventions and business events. According to Paula, there is an intriguing story behind all corners, and what is a better way of spreading the tales and good news, than networking. That is Paula’s thing!
Daniela Brezinova



Profile picture of Lennart Pettersson



The first one to get enthusiastic, Lennart is an expert in local nature sites. He thrives on brainstorming, project promotion, and teamwork. This idea creator is a master of networking and a dreamer who can combine different perspectives. His family is at the heart of everything he does, and leisure time is preferably spent at sea or by the seashore — when he’s not at the sideline of a football pitch.
Profile picture of Karoliina Korpela



Open and positive, Karoliina enjoys project work with all her heart. This project guru guides tourism businesses to take a carbon-wise path to responsibility. To balance her independent work, she enjoys the magnificent treasures offered by nature near her home by going on walks with her children, climbing on rocks, and doing urban boating.

Communications Team

Profile picture of Irene Haikonen



Director, Marketing Communications
Creative yet analytical, Irene enjoys creating new marketing plans to engage customers and other stakeholders. This marketing communications professional is happy to roll up her sleeves to turn marcom plans into success cases. Outside work, she unwinds with friends, on nature hikes, and in her kitchen — where she enjoys conjuring up new, delicious vegetarian foods.
Sari Mäkisalo



Committed and cheerful, Sari shuttles between two teams — offering ideas and expertise in all her projects. Nothing slips through the fingers of this sociable master of communications when she organises even the largest of projects from mere Excel tables. She unwinds by walking her beloved dogs, sweating in hot yoga, and enjoying good food and drink.
Profile picture of Sebastian Pullinen



Equipped with a great sense of humour, our digital wizard Sebastian masters both extensive projects and graphic design work and is always happy to lend his digital savvy to others. This company man keeps our digital services up-to-date and the cooperation with the city departments smooth. He devotes his leisure to his family and music, easily combining family values and playing the drums in a band.
Profile picture of Markus Kitunen



Thoughtful and polite, Markus plans and executes tactical FDI-related content marketing campaigns and produces web service and social media content. You name it, he gets it done. This wordsmith delivers captivating texts with the greatest ease and professionalism. His family, home, friends, nature, and good beer keep him in a good (content) work-life balance. Then there's the football — watching his local team play or doing his podcast.
Profile picture of Laura Leppälä



Business Intelligence Analyst
Laura is our data miner who's most at home when solving problems to help others make the most informed decisions. A plan A, B and C always in her back pocket, Laura is an ultra-athlete with a burning love for the outdoors. Biking, hiking, orienteering, camping or picking berries and mushrooms — any healthy activity you can do in the forest with friends, she does it.



Project Coordinator