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Enter the city of deep tech and nature

Enter Espoo helps companies, investors, visitors, and travel professionals access business opportunities and exciting adventures in Espoo's innovation and travel ecosystems.

We find the right services, startups, and technologies to support your business goals as well as reliable partners and locations.

Enter Espoo is owned by the City of Espoo and operates at the heart of the leading innovation hub in the Nordic countries.

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Key industries in Espoo

Want to find the best startups in Finland?

Find intelligence on Espoo-based startups, innovations, investors, funding rounds, and more on the Dealroom platform.

Want to be part of Espoo's amazing travel ecosystem?

As a Visit Espoo partner, you can be part of a dynamic network for international and domestic marketing activities.

Nature 365

Finnish nature is worth all praising. We wanted to gather the best pieces of Espoo's amazing nature on every season - the nature which is reachable for all of us.