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Finland's microelectronics and quantum technology RDI hub

What is Kvanttinova?

Kvanttinova is an industry-driven piloting and development facility for microelectronics and quantum technology. The unique piloting environment focuses on pre-commercial development and targets to offer a pilot line for small-volume manufacturing and scale-up. Kvanttinova contains the latest equipment for shared use as well as company-specific labs, cleanrooms and office areas.

Kvanttinova is to be located near Micronova, the largest cleanroom in the Nordics, to ensure synergies with current research facilities. New buildings will be integrated with cleanroom corridors to existing ones to ensure uninterrupted transfers of microelectronics in processing.

Kvanttinova offers new capabilities and integration concepts for: 

  • MEMS sensors
  • RF technologies
  • Integrated photonics
  • Quantum technologies
  • "post-CMOS" integration
  • Packaging of electronics and integrated photonics to applications

Why cooperate?

Kvanttinova strengthens Finland's position as one of Europe's most important microelectronics and quantum technology hubs. The European Union and the United States Chip Acts aim to decrease dependencies on global value chains originating elsewhere. The European Chips Act seeks to double the European market share to 20% by 2030. This requires both new deep technology investments and increased manufacturing capacity. Kvanttinova contributes to the European technological leadership on chips. Kvanttinova serves these specialised microelectronics processes in a highly integrated fashion.

Currently, most of the world's microchips are manufactured using CMOS technology. However, Finland is a pioneer in specialised microelectronics processes such as integrated photonics, MEMS sensors, radio frequency communications, silicon-based detectors and quantum technology. The added value of these technologies comes from entirely new functionalities that cannot be implemented with CMOS technology. 

The purpose of Kvanttinova is to increase the sector's RDI activities in Finland, boost product and service exports, and attract new international experts, companies and investments.

Who runs Kvanttinova?

Kvanttinova is a joint initiative by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the City of Espoo, Aalto University and the industry members of the semiconductor industry group of Technology Industries of Finland. Requirements for the buildings and equipment are being collected from the industry to enable future growth and quadruple both the number of employees and revenues by 2032.

Kvanttinova is a part of the "Chips from Finland" Initiative. 

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Miska Hakala



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Social and easy-going, Ossi performs best in complex projects under tight schedules. When a situation looks hopeless, Ossi starts to warm up. As a traditional Finn, business comes before pleasure to him. However, outside the office, you might find Ossi at Nuuksio's remote areas or Espoo's local breweries. And if you're lucky enough to catch him, you're sure to get the friendliest of welcomes — whoever you are.
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Kvanttinova expands the already existing research infrastructure Micronova, located in Espoo. Micronova features two cleanrooms, with processing capabilities for silicon-based CMOS, MEMS and photonics devices, 3D integration and thin film components.

Micronova offers cleanroom services and the entire development cycle of micro- and nanofabrication from fundamental research to small-scale production.

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