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Circular economy

Enter the ecosystem of digital circular economy

Espoo is closing the loop on old resource-intensive business models. Espoo's innovation ecosystem puts IoT, big data, and the full power of biotechnology into use in circular economy. The result is a truly sustainable economy that connects data, raw materials, and value.

Here, you can make an omelette without breaking an egg by using synthetic biology. You can utilise the well-oiled Finnish wood value chain to create new sustainable growth. Or you can find startups and corporations that come up with durable, new raw materials and products from waste and residues. Welcome!

Espoo’s circular economy strengths

  • Digital circular economy & IoT
  • Energy & batteries
  • Wood
  • Synthetic biology
  • Raw materials

Why should you do circular economy business in Espoo?

Open collaboration is needed to achieve a sustainable business transformation through circular economy. In Espoo, R&D organisations, corporations, startups, the public sector, and the education system collaborate seamlessly.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland creates new circular economy technologies, processes and business models — and helps you do the same. Synbio Powerhouse, Finland’s synthetic biology network, allows companies and researchers to pilot solutions and products. Meanwhile, Circular Raw Materials Hub, a national laboratory of circular economy, works with the industry to develop solutions from recycled mineral-based raw materials and support a transition to a carbon-neutral and resource-efficient society.

Speaking of battery recycling, the EU wanted Finland to develop Europe’s battery metals sector. Now, Espoo hosts a battery recycling project called BATCircle, coordinated by the tech company Metso-Outotec with Aalto University.

Then there are the numerous circular economy startups — from IoT and robotics to bio-based packaging and energy and batteries.

We help you to find the right circular economy business and investment opportunities

Enter Espoo matches international corporations and investors with the right circular economy startups, technologies, and investment opportunities in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem. We give you easy access to the leading innovation hub in the Nordics. 

Facts & figures

It’s the law! Finland enables circular economy business through legislation, pilots, and research.

Did you know? Finland made the world’s first national circular economy road map, National Road Map to a Circular Economy 2016-2025 (made by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund).

Big numbers: Finland produces 28 %  of its energy with wood-based fuels.

Find the best startups in Finland

Discover intelligence on Espoo-based and Finnish startups on the Dealroom platform.

What does sustainability mean in circular economy?

The transition from linear to circular economy is relevant to all sectors to create a sustainable economy. Circular economy is about using all non-renewable materials for as long as possible, replacing non-renewable resources with renewable ones, and reducing the flow out of the resource loop.

Circular economy is solving the root causes of our unsustainable way of living by changing the way we use, re-use and dispose of resources and materials.

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