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Aalto Startup Center is ranked among world's three best university business accelerators


Aalto Startup Center is selected among the world's three best university business accelerators in UBI Global's new ranking. Aalto Startup Center, therefore, repeated its top-three finish in the ranking. The Aalto University startup accelerator was awarded at the World Incubator Summit in Ghent, Belgium.

The back-to-back top three spot underscores the exceptional value Aalto Startup Center offers to its client startups and Espoo's innovation ecosystem, along with the overall quality of the accelerator.

Aalto Startup Center has a 25-year history of supporting numerous successful startups while developing a unique service platform that helps researchers to build their initial breakthrough ideas to become early-stage startups.

UBI Global's study offers insights into business incubators and accelerators' performance and impact. Instead of assigning numerical rankings, the study recognises the three best university business accelerators. Aalto, imec (collaborating with Belgian universities), and Red de Incubadoras de la Universidad del Valle de México from UVM University and College in Mexico occupy the top 3 positions for 2021-2022.

Image: Lassi Savola, Aalto Startup Center