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Cucumbers packaged in DipWrap

Aalto University students develop sustainable packaging for cucumbers

A group of Aalto University students has developed new, sustainable packaging for cucumbers. The innovation derives from the Design Meets Biomaterials course, where students Ena Naito, Louise Kallai, Emilia Ikävalko and Sari Kupiainen joined forces.

The idea of DipWrap is to dip cucumbers into a biobased liquid, which consists of agar agar, carnauba wax, and dispersed cellulose nanocrystals. In a few seconds, a transparent film forms around the vegetable. The students believe the innovation would work with other vegetables and fruits, too.

Last week, The DipWrap team participated in the international Biodesign Challenge Summit. A panel of biotechnology experts, industry leaders and designers chose DipWrap as one of the six best teams and rewarded it with an honorary award.

Image: DipWrap Team / Ena Naito