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Enter Espoo builds sustainable growth — Espoo Marketing is now Enter Espoo

The company that both orchestrates the leading innovation hub in the Nordic countries and is Espoo’s tourism marketer is now called Enter Espoo. The new name and company identity were announced at the company’s virtual fifth anniversary party on 23 October 2020.  

The company’s services support sustainable growth 

Enter Espoo is a marketing company owned by the City of Espoo. Its purpose is to attract companies, investors and visitors to Espoo, and help players to succeed in Espoo’s innovation and travel ecosystems. The services are designed to help companies in the innovation and travel environments to find partners, customers and growth opportunities. 

The goal of Enter Espoo is to create jobs, increase tax revenue and promote sustainable growth in Espoo, for the company’s partners and everywhere in Finland. 

“As a company, we want to be Europe’s best enabler of a sustainable and attractive tourism and innovation environment, and we believe it can be achieved by working together. We are here for our customers, partners, and ecosystem operators. Without them, there would be no Enter Espoo,” says Jaana Tuomi, the CEO of Enter Espoo. 

Enter Espoo introduces startups and technologies from Espoo to large international companies

Enter Espoo helps foreign companies and investors to do sustainable business and locate in Espoo. The company brings large international companies and investors together with the right startups, scaleups and technologies in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem. The services help local companies find international partners and engage in international business. They also help local startups reach international markets in cooperation with Finnish and foreign partners. 

“As an example, we brought 80 startups and scaleups together digitally with 14 large international companies in our new event series, Corporate-Startup Online Weeks in May to October 2020. We created the matchmaking concept to help local companies find customers, partners and investors during the coronavirus pandemic,” says Glenn Gassen, Director of Innovation, Growth & Invest In at Enter Espoo. 

Enter Espoo is responsible for the city’s tourism marketing and acts as the trustee and developer of the tourist industry 

Enter Espoo coordinates the regional network of tourism business cooperation and joint marketing and helps businesses promote sustainable business and reach international markets. Destination marketing is done together with the region’s businesses. Together they design and develop annual marketing measures to promote both business and leisure tourism in Espoo.  

“Our Meet Espoo tours, meant for the Helsinki metropolitan area meeting organisers, are an excellent example that has offered important sales opportunities for regional companies already for several years. Due to COVID-19, we created a new virtual concept together with the companies, with which we can reach up to 200 potential customers during a single event. It is nearly ten times more than before,” says Miikka Valo, Director, Convention and Tourism at Enter Espoo. 

The company aims to improve Espoo’s attractiveness, awareness and accessibility, both in Finland and abroad. The company markets Espoo for visitors under the Visit Espoo service brand. With the online service, visitors can find the best tourism services and experiences in Espoo.  

The reform aims at clarifying the company’s role 

The purpose behind the change of the company name and identity is to renew and clarify the company’s role in the innovation ecosystem and among different operators in the City of Espoo. The new name is a better representation of the strategy of both the company and the City of Espoo (the Espoo's story) and fulfilment of targets. 

“We now operate under a new name and look, but we are still the same professional, reliable and approachable partner,” continues Tuomi

The renewed brand identity is strongly founded on the company’s values and comprehension of customer needs. Enter Espoo’s values are together, sustainably, courageously, and goal-directed. 

Currently, Enter Espoo is also building a new online service, which will be launched at the turn of the year.  An English alpha version of the web service already exists and is focused on the company’s services that help companies, investors and visitors to find startups, technologies, partners and locations in the innovation and travel ecosystems.

Enter Espoo created the new company identity and visual look together with KUBO Creative Agency. 

Further information:  

CEO, Enter Espoo, Jaana Tuomi, +358 40 579 4727,  

Tuula Antola, Director of Economic Development at the City of Espoo, is the chair of the board of directors of Enter Espoo. The vice chair of the board is Olli Isotalo, Head of Technical and Environment services. Other board members include Susanna Tommila, Cultural Director, Saija Äikäs, Director at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Janne Laine, Vice President at Aalto University, Mika Toikka, Director of Commercial Operations at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and Tom Selänniemi, Director of the Nature Centre Haltia.