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Espoo is ranked among the most promising investment destinations in Europe — Financial Times


The City of Espoo is selected as the 7th most promising investment destination among small European cities in fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/23 ranking by Financial Times. 

Espoo is in the top 10 in three categories among small European cities of the future (population between 100 000 and 350 000):
•    7th overall
•    5th in economic potential
•    8th in human capital and lifestyle

The economic category includes factors such as inward FDI, number of patents, and GDP annual growth rate. The human capital and lifestyle category looks at factors including the number of students and universities (overall and top 1500), skills of graduates and ease of finding skilled workforce, and life expectancy. 

In addition, the Greater Helsinki region was ranked 3rd in FDI strategy in the small European regions of the future category.

Hero image: Salla Repo

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