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A white pickup truck driving away from a wildfire amidst a rising cloud of grey-black smoke with bushfires in the foreground of the picture.

ICEYE selected to provide near real-time natural disaster data for the Australian Government


The Australian Government has chosen ICEYE, a leading provider of solutions and information related to natural disasters, to provide real-time flood and bushfire data across all states and territories in the nation. 

The agreement builds upon the existing partnership between ICEYE and the Australian Federal Government. Previously, ICEYE's Flood Insights product had been employed by the Government since October 2022 to assist over 30 state and federal agencies in their response and recovery efforts. ICEYE analysed eight significant flood events, enabling a more focused response, reducing associated costs, and expediting disaster relief for affected communities during one of the most devastating flood seasons in recent memory. In total, ICEYE has assessed 18 large-scale flood incidents in Australia.

ICEYE's distinct advantage lies in its ability to provide near real-time flood and bushfire insights, thanks to its constellation of over 25 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites. ICEYE can monitor the Earth any time of the day under all conditions, greatly enhancing emergency management decision-making.

Image: Marcus Kauffman, Unsplash

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