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Black sheet fabric hung to dry by the sea

Infinited Fiber starts a 3-year, €100 million partnership with Inditex


Infinited Fiber goes into a 3-year partnership with Inditex, the global fashion retailer and parent company of ZARA. 

Inditex commits to buying 30% of Infinited Fiber’s annual future production Infinna™. The deal is worth more than €100 million, and the Espoo-based company is to use the funds to scale up the recycling technology in the company’s first large-capacity factory. The factory is to start operating in 2024.

Infinna™ is a premium textile fibre that’s as usable as cotton but made from, for example, used textiles, waste cardboard, and crop residues. The Infinna™ fibre is used in the Infinna™ capsule collection by Zara and is available worldwide.

Image: ©Infinited Fiber Company