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Cartoon-like picture of a red mini-bus with MUJI to Go written in white in the body of the vehicle.

MUJI’s mobile store will delight the Finland metropolitan area from May 2021

Europe’s first MUJI to GO bus is a mobile boutique where you can find MUJI's iconic products and takeaway food.

MUJI to GO bus is going to launch in May 2021 by the lifestyle brand MUJI. Their mobile store will be seen on the streets and market places of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Porvoo starting from May 2021. At this mobile store, people will be able to purchase MUJI’s iconic products such as aroma diffusers, essential oils, skincare items, clothing items and varieties of kitchen and tableware items. Additionally, you will be able to buy MUJI food items such as ready-made curry, chocolate and a variety of snacks. Takeaway food which is prepared at MUJI Ravintola, such as Japanese bento box, will be also available for purchase at the MUJI to GO Bus.

“We are excited to be able to welcome customers who have been unable to visit our store in Kamppi, especially during the Covid pandemic. Although our online store is available nationwide in Finland, the MUJI to GO bus will let us offer our customers an unforgettable experience and also the in-store experience to see and touch real products once again. Also, in addition to providing MUJI items to our customers, by regularly creating a community place where people meet and connect with each other, we wish to be a company that is useful and helpful for people’s life in Finland - this is our core message that we would like to present to people of Finland through this MUJI to GO bus project. Hopefully, the tour will continue and we’ll be able to travel even wider around Finland in the future,” says Miho Takagi, the Managing Director of MUJI Finland.

The mobile store service will start in May. The bus will run every week from Wednesday to Sunday, more detailed timetables and location information will be announced in due course.

The MUJI to GO bus is a former HSL minibus carriage and MUJI has renovated the interior and layout suitable for mobile store use. It is the first MUJI mobile store in Europe and also the first outside of Japan.

In Japan, there are many ageing countryside and elderly people residing in those areas often face difficulties with daily shopping. In 2020, MUJI launched the first MUJI to GO bus in Sakata-shi, in Yamagata prefecture, with their aim to make local people’s life more convenient and also to reduce the difficulties they may face in their daily life. Since then, the mobile store has been offering helpful and social opportunities to people in various regions, not just selling items for daily use.

This summer, the MUJI to GO bus will hit the road in Finland with the same mission, to bring a little delight to customers and help people have a pleasant life.

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Hero image: MUJI Finland