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Man biking in Leppävaara, Espoo

Office spaces in Leppävaara

We're here to help you set up an office in Espoo’s innovation ecosystem — the innovation driver of Finland. 

Espoo offers an open and dynamic business environment where you can enjoy an excellent quality of life. 

Here you’ll find the options for your company’s needs in Leppävaara.

Espoo's largest district with a high concentration of companies

Leppävaara is Espoo's largest district with a high concentration of companies. Connected by rail and soon by light rail — and only 20 minutes from Helsinki Airport.

Office spaces in Leppävaara:

Alberga Business Park
Hills Business Park
Knitter Business Park
Oasis of Professionals
Polaris Business Park
Quartetto Business Park
Sola Business Valley
Wonderland Leppävaara

Leppävaara on map.

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Hero image: Olli Häkämies

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Always an optimist and never losing his curiosity, Glenn is dedicated to helping companies and investors find the best pieces of Finland with his innovative team. This native of the land where Fußball is king is a living encyclopaedia of Espoo. He made the greatest investment of his life in Finland, whose nature is so stunning it attracts him away from football pitches to the forest for a run.
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