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Six meat ball looking food products made of sustainable mycoprotein on a dark grey surface.

Enifer is set to take the production of PEKILO mycoprotein to a commercial level


The Espoo-based biotech startup Enifer is ready to take the production of the unique PEKILO® mycoprotein to a commercial level. After gaining the green light for a EUR 12 million recycling and reuse investment grant from Business Finland, Enifer is set to construct its first commercial-scale factory dedicated to producing PEKILO® mycoprotein ingredients.

Once up and running, the facility will churn out roughly 3 million kilograms of sustainable protein annually. That is the same amount of protein you get from 30,000 cows, with a whopping 20-fold cut in carbon emissions.

The revolutionary PEKILO® mycoprotein — the world's first commercial mycoprotein production process — is rooted in the tradition of the Finnish forest industry. Enifer's unique fungal fermentation process dates back to the 1970s and was developed by Finnish forest industry engineers who used forest by-products to produce sustainable feed protein for the Finnish market.

Image: Iiro Muttilainen, Enifer