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Espoo companies make the top 10 fast-growing Finnish startups list by EU Startups

EU Startups released their list of 10 fast-growing Finnish startups to watch in 2022. Various startup industries are covered, ranging from the metaverse to food tech.

Eight of the ten companies on the list are based in the Helsinki capital region, which includes neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa. Three Espoo startups are highlighted.

Nordic Umami Company is a food tech startup developing umami seasoning in a closed-loop, carbon-negative ecosystem from circular ingredients. The startup is creating a product line for home kitchens, food services, and industrial use — with consumer products expected to hit store shelves in 2022. Nordic Umami Company has received funding of approximately €700 thousand. 

Onego Bio, a VTT spinoff, makes egg whites without the use of animals. The biotech startup uses precision fermentation to create bio albumen, producing a sustainable substitute for egg whites. OnegoBio started the year with a €10 million funding boost. 

Pixieray tech combines optics, hardware, and software with human vision. The company's adaptive eyeglass lenses make perfect vision possible by helping to reduce eye strain by continuously adjusting the focal point and applying corrections. Pixieray has raised over €4 million.

Image: Salla Repo