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VTT’s guide to Finnish deep tech startups


Espoo’s startup ecosystem draws innovation from a culture and history of scientific and technological exploration and breakthroughs. Aalto University students started Finland’s startup scene, and in their wake came startups formed by former VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Nokia experts, and others. 

More than ever, there is now a desperate global need for science and technology-based deep tech breakthroughs. Climate change, depleting resources and healthcare problems have brought about challenges of unprecedented proportions. The companies that centre their business to solve these problems will form a vital part of the solution and are the ones who arrive victorious at the other end of the imminent sustainable business transformation. 

Like before, so it remains. Many of Finland’s most promising deep technology startups come from Espoo. VTT’s pocket guide to Finnish deep tech startups introduces you to many startups that enable this sustainable business transformation. 

Find the most relevant deep tech startups in Espoo and Finland.