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Colourful root vegetables in a basket.

Food program pilot in Espoo emphasises daily well-being for families

The collaboration of Venner, a food education startup, and the City of Espoo's Family and Social Services branch focuses on promoting nutrition and improving the management of family finances. The program strives to ensure that all families have access to wholesome food, encourage family bonding during mealtimes, and instil lifelong healthy eating habits. The program has the added goal of supporting sustainable living. 

Selected families will receive the Venner food box three times per month. The box contains plant-based staple ingredients, vitamin D, recipes, instructional videos, and nutrition guides. Social workers assist the families as needed with cooking and food choices.  

The participants from the first pilot round in June 2021 reported improved cooking knowledge, reduced food shopping costs, and healthier plant-based eating habits.

Hero image: Markus Spiske, Unsplash