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Blue fabric flying in the wind above rocks

Infinited Fiber Company invests €400M in new Infinna™ fibre factory


Infinited Fiber Company will build their first commercial-scale factory to produce Infinna™, a fibre made from regenerated textile waste that looks and feels like cotton. A former Stora Enso paper mill in Kemi, located in Finnish Lapland, will be converted into the new fibre factory. An existing building was selected, rather than new construction, as circularity is a core value for Infinited Fiber Company.   

The fibre output for the facility will be 30,000 metric tons, producing enough materials to manufacture 100 million t-shirts. The factory operations are expected to be in full effect in 2025. The factory will create approximately 270 jobs. 

Infinited Fiber Company has started working with several international companies as the fashion industry aims to increase sustainability. The parent companies of international brands such as Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, and H&M have multi-year agreements for Infinna™ purchases.  

Image: ©Infinited Fiber Company