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Quantum tech laboratory behind two glass doors with two people inside wearing white lab overalls

IQM Quantum Computers launches a new 150-qubit quantum computing system, IQM Radiance


IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), the world-leading quantum computer builder, launched IQM Radiance, the new quantum computing platform designed to provide a quantum advantage through a 150-qubit quantum system.

Earlier this year, the Espoo-based startup released IQM Spark, a quantum computer tailored for universities and research labs. Now, IQM offers a quantum advantage to companies, government agencies, and computing and data centres through Radiance.

Radiance will first be released as a 54-qubit system in 2024. IQM's customers can upgrade the system to 150 qubits in early 2025.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland unveiled Finland's second quantum computer in Espoo in October. IQM built the 20-qubit device with VTT. 

Image: IQM