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Two men working with computer.

Quantum computer open for researchers in Espoo — quantum computer and supercomputer now connected


A new era of quantum science is ushered in in Espoo. VTT's quantum computer has been connected with the supercomputer LUMI, hosted by the Espoo-based CSC - IT Center for Science

The integration of these two powerful machines boosts the computing capability of the quantum computer and enables hybrid computing projects and the development of quantum algorithms and software. In other words, the technology fusion uncorks a new understanding for solving and mitigating the harmful effects of some of the biggest challenges of our times, such as forest fires, while creating an avenue for the quantum era. 

In Europe, Finland is now the first to connect a quantum computer with a supercomputer and to offer this kind of hybrid service for researchers. 

VTT is currently developing a 20-qubit quantum computer, with a 50-qubit upgrade planned for 2024. Beyond this point, the complexity of quantum computers surpasses the modelling capacity of even the largest supercomputers, marking the start of a new era of science. VTT, CSC, and Aalto University are also seeking global strategic quantum partnerships. 

Image: Enter Espoo