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A bluetooth loudspeaker reflecting the purple, green and blue colours.

US-based Silicon Labs has established a bluetooth research centre in Espoo

Espoo is becoming a world leader in Bluetooth Mesh research. Bluetooth will play a major role in the development of IoT as it will allow for a smoother flow of information between devices.

The American tech firm, Silicon Labs, has established a research centre in Espoo, which focuses on developing Bluetooth applications. They have rapidly expanded in the last five years, tripling their revenue and growing from 30 to 50 employees.

According to Petra Söderling from Invest in Finland USA, Silicon Labs's presence in Espoo is a testament to the high-quality Finnish expertise in IoT and chip design along with Finland's attractiveness as a location for R&D and product design. 


Source: Business Finland

Hero image: Steve Johnson, Unsplash