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Niclas Carlsson of Founders Alliance

Interview of Niclas Carlsson, Founder and CEO of Founders Alliance


Niclas Carlsson is the founder, CEO and owner of Founders Alliance. He is also engaged as a supporter of various impact organisations, including Emotions Network, Not For Sale Campaign, and Star for Life. He holds a master's degree in Business Administration from Uppsala University, Sweden. He is also an endurance athlete, having completed ultramarathons and adventure races, and he is a father of three children and an active youth trainer in Orienteering Running.  

What is the quality of the startups in Espoo? 

The quality of the Espoo startups is unprecedented in terms of innovation, global potential, and robustness of management in cleantech, industrial tech, digitalisation, transportation and more.

The founders and companies I have met throughout the years of visiting Espoo are very impressive, as are the many startups. Most of the startups are also already scaleups ready to go global.

What makes Espoo's innovation community special?

Espoo is a region of very dynamic and entrepreneur-friendly leadership that fosters great innovation and large-scale company creation. It is a very attractive region for international establishment, investments, and company creation.

Has Enter Espoo helped you in some way and how has it supported your business?

We have collaborated with Enter Espoo for many years through Knights of Nordics. The event has helped to foster the bridge between founders in Sweden and Finland and beyond, as well as specific relevant facilitation of individual founders and investors. 

What are the best things about Knights of Nordics? Why do you want to take part this year?

Knights of Nordics pools together bright minds from across the globe and the best of the Nordics in one place. Especially Finland's startups, leaders of large companies, and investors are there.

The best thing at Knight of Nordics is to encounter old and new friends and make key relationships that last for years. At the event, you can create relationships and build friendships in business from all parts of the world. On top of that, the event gives an unprecedented knowledge boost in the area of technology. This year, which is my 8th as a participant, I look forward to deepening all this further with my peer Founders Alliance members.


About Founders Alliance 

Founders Alliance is a premium collaborative business forum for founders of large-scale corporations and owners of international growth companies engaged in multiple social impact initiatives around the globe. Founders Alliance, founded in 2002, consists at its core of 300 large-scale founders owning over 3000 companies with a strong value base and culture of Long-term Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Inclusion and Tolerance, Collaboration and Health for individuals, organisations and our planet.

Image: Founders Alliance