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Espoo ranks 6th in patent application among European cities


European Patent Office (EPO) ranks Espoo 6th in patent applications in its Patent Index 2022. Espoo's innovation players filed 58.4% of all patent applications in Finland in 2022.

Finland is 15th in EPO's country ranking with 2 140 applications and 5th in terms of applications per capita.  

Of 1 249 Espoo-based patent applications, the busiest player by far is Nokia, with 1033 applications. Nokia is 16th in EPO's global patent ranking and 6th in the digital communications sector. Other notable big players from Espoo in the list are Valmet (with 51 applications), Kone (37), VTT (31), and Neste (28). 

However, it's not only the big companies and players that have been keeping busy with patents in Espoo, startups like Infinited Fiber Company, IQM, eniferbio, Dispelix, Safegrid, Origin by Ocean, Betulium, Nordic Umami Company, Picosun, and Surgify also applied for patents last year.

Ahead of Espoo in Patent Index 2022 are Munich, Paris, Eindhoven, Stockholm and London.