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A woman and a boy are walking in forest and holding hands.

Finland is the world's happiest country for the sixth time in a row — World Happiness Report 2023


Finland is selected as the world's happiest country, again! For the sixth consecutive time, World Happiness Report ranks Finland at the top of its country happiness ranking.

Social support, communal generosity, life expectancy, GDP per capita, and low corruption are among the reasons why Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world, and why other Nordic countries were also ranked in the top 10.

The world's happiest countries top 10 in 2023:

  1. Finland
  2. Denmark
  3. Iceland
  4. Israel
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Sweden
  7. Norway 
  8. Switzerland 
  9. Luxemburg 
  10. New Zealand

Image: Marjaana Tasala