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Pieces of the fibre arranged nicely to form a piece of art

Infinited Fiber Company enters partnership with parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger 


Espoo-based Infinited Fiber Company begins a multi-year partnership with the European headquarters of PVH Corporation, the parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.  

Infinna™, a new fibre created by Infinited Fiber Company, will be used in the production of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein products in Europe. The fibre is made using textile waste and has the look and feel of cotton.  

The deal facilitates PVH's Forward Fashion strategy, aiming to eliminate negative environmental impacts by 2030. Textile waste from PVH Europe's production facilities may also be used in Infinited Fiber's regeneration process. 

European consumers can purchase the first Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts made with Infinna™ in summer 2022. Calvin Klein products using the novel fibre will launch in future seasons.  

Image: ©Infinited Fiber Company