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Deep tech meets personal care in Espoo's health tech ecosystem


Finland's long tradition in equal healthcare and innovation in health technology provides a reliable foundation for happy living.

In 2022, Finland was selected as the world's happiest country for the fifth time in a row. Health is undoubtedly one of the vital factors of happiness for any population.

Finland offers its citizens an affordable and equal healthcare system improved by the latest advancements in digital health. At the same time, Finnish companies continue to be leaders in health tech innovation. This same foundation makes Finland an unmissable innovation location in health and wellbeing for international companies. 

What do Finland and Espoo offer in health technology?

Health tech is Finland's biggest export sector and one of the fastest-growing export industries. Finding skilled R&D workers and groundbreaking startups is easy here. All in all, Finland offers a unique mixture of competent healthcare, a fully digitised healthcare database, cooperation between the industry and universities, and excellent availability of scientists and talent. 

In Espoo, you can easily connect with Finland's leading startups, research organisations, and Finnish and international health corporations — many of which have established R&D sites in the city.

Next, you'll get a small dosage of the unique health innovations coming from Espoo

Omegawave — the only non-invasive readiness technology to assess athlete's brain and heart

Omegawave is the only non-invasive readiness technology to assess an athlete's brain and heart. The company establishes its procedures in the latest sports science and space medicine findings. Omegawave offers leading methods to monitor athletes' functional condition and track adaptational changes in the entire body.

The Omegawave technology uses state-of-the-art physiology, cognitive neurobiology, and computer modelling methods. By identifying an athlete's physiologically limiting factors and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps to improve performance, prevent overtraining, decrease injuries, and improve fitness and overall health. 

Gubbe — forming lasting care relationships that reach beyond generations

Loneliness and lack of things to do are common issues among the elderly. Therefore, it's important to find more physical and mental ways to take care of the wellbeing of older people. To achieve this, Gubbe has developed a unique and straightforward service. The startup offers a home help service with which elderly people can find friendly and reliable young people (called "Gubbes") to keep them company. It can be something as simple as going on walks together, doing grocery shopping, or having a cup of coffee.  

Gubbe wants to form lasting relationships that reach beyond generations. They train the Gubbes and make inclusive background checks. And before a match is made, Gubbe always offers a session where both parties can get to know each other — with family members being encouraged to join. Through the process, the older person gets valuable company, the Gubbe gets a meaningful job, and the family can feel safe knowing that their loved one has reliable company.  

Popit — leave no prescribed pill untaken

Regardless of age, many people have health issues that require them to take prescribed medication from time to time. For some, however, missing a dosage may seriously damage their health. According to WHO, almost 50% of patients don't take their medication because they simply forget. Popit wants to make sure no dosage is left untaken. 

Popit has designed a smart pill tracking device that automatically detects when medication is taken. The device is effortless to use. You attach it to a pill sheet. Then, the device sends accurate tracking information to the Popit app that tracks mediation use and reminds to take the pills when necessary. 

Popit's technology is patented, and the device is created together with healthcare professionals. The device can also gather real-time data securely and anonymously for R&D research by pharmaceutical companies.