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Espoo ranks sixth in patent applications in Europe — Patent Index 2023


Espoo is ranked sixth in the new Patent Index 2023, published by the European Patent Office (EPO). Espoo applied for the sixth most patents of all cities in Europe in 2023 — retaining the position for the third time in a row. Espoo's innovation players filed 60.5% of all patent applications in Finland.

Top cities in applied patents in Europe:

  1. München (3441 patent applications)
  2. Paris (3119)
  3. Eindhoven (2561)
  4. Stockholm (2287)
  5. London (1856) 
  6. Espoo (1413)

Key findings from EPO's Patent Index 2023 for Espoo:

  • Espoo filed the lion's share of Finnish patents in 2023: 60,5% of all Finnish patent applications were filed by Espoo-based companies and innovation players. Espoo's share has grown by two percentage points since 2022.
  • Nokia was again among the strongest companies in Europe in patent applications. The Espoo-based tech giant ranks 12th in the company ranking (16th in 2022) with 1186 patent applications.
  • Headquartered in Espoo: six of the ten Finnish companies that filed the most patents are headquartered in Espoo. (Nokia, KONE, Valmet, VTT, Metso, and Neste)

Key findings from EPO's Patent Index 2023 for Finland:    

  • Patents per capita: Finland applied for the fourth most patents per capita among all European countries, with 422.1 applications per 1 million inhabitants (1. Switzerland, 2. Sweden, 3. Denmark, 4. Finland). The Finnish total of all European patent applications is 1,2%.
  • Growth in patent applications: the total of Finnish patent applications increased by 9,2% from 2022 (European total grew by 2,9%).
  • Women inventors: Finland is tied fourth in the ranking of patents filed by women inventors and innovators (1. Spain, 2. France, 3. Belgium, 4. Finland and Netherlands).
  • Top 3 Finnish cities in patents: 
    1. Espoo (1413 patents)
    2. Helsinki (388)
    3. Tampere (114)

Image: Antti Rastivo