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Aerial image of Nuuksio National Park in Espoo, Finland with the sun rising in a landscape of forests and lakes.

Aalto University and Murata explore new frontiers in nanotechnologies — collaboration facilitated by Enter Espoo


Aalto University and Japan's Murata Manufacturing Company, a world-leading electronics and advanced materials manufacturer, have started a collaboration project to find new pathways in material science and fibre processing. The project focuses on shape-controlled nano-powdering technology of synthetic polymers. Enter Espoo played a crucial role in matching Murata with Aalto University and facilitating the collaboration.

The collaboration project, led by Professor Orlando Rojas's research team at Aalto, is diving deep into Finland's abundant forest resources to discover unique natural solutions to meet various material needs. Aalto's expertise in forest bioproducts and fibre technology enables the sustainable exploration of, for example, wood components and industrial residues that can uncover lucrative, sustainable business opportunities.

The goal of the Finnish-Japanese project isn't just to produce end products but to pave the way for Murata to process new materials effectively. Aalto's laboratories in Espoo are ideal for similar experimental, boundary-pushing work with companies.

Enter Espoo's earlier work with Murata Europe laid the foundation for the successful start of the Murata-Aalto University case. Mayumi Shimizu, Senior Business Advisor at Enter Espoo, introduced Murata to Professor Rojas, and, after some facilitation along the way by Enter Espoo, the Finnish-Japanese collaboration is now set to begin.

"Enter Espoo's wide and strong networks of startups, universities, and other innovation players have helped us a lot," says Mitch Nozaki, General Manager of Business Innovation & Incubation at Murata Electronics Europe.

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