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Meet us at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024

ディープテックとサステナビリティの都市へようこそ — SusHiTech Tokyo 2024 で会いしましょう!


5 月 15 日~16 日に開催される @SusHiTech Tokyo 2024 のエスポー市ブースでお待ちしています。フィンランドの世界をリードするディープテックと持続可能なイノベーションの持つ可能性を探ってみませんか?


  • エスポーは首都圏にあり、フィンランドで 2 番目に大きな都市。
  • エスポーは、ヨーロッパの都市の中で 6 番目に多くの特許を創出
  • 400 を超える研究開発ユニットと 20 のイノベーション クラスターが存在。
  • 村田製作所、丸紅、日本航空などの企業が、エスポーを拠点とする企業とのコラボレーションを開始。
  • フィンランドのユニコーン企業のほとんどはエスポー出身(例:Supercell、MySQL、Rovio、HMD Global)Infinited Fiber、ICEYE、IQM などのスタートアップもまもなくエスポーのユニコーン になる可能性大。

"Enter Espoo is the very first door you should knock on to get in touch with the companies and organizations in Espoo. We are very glad to have you here as our strong business partner!" Takao Fukuoka, General Manager, Marubeni Corporation, Helsinki Office & Tallinn Office 

5 月 15 日~16 日に SusHiTech Tokyo のエスポー市ブースに立ち寄って、フレンドリーなシニア ビジネス アドバイザーの清水眞弓や、VTT フィンランド技術研究センターおよび Smart City Innovation Clusterのトップ エキスパートに会いましょう。また、5 月 15 日の 13:00~13:45 に開催される SusHiTech パネル ディスカッション「フィンランドがヨーロッパ有数のスタートアップとイノベーション コミュニティである理由とは?~エスポー市の事例と共に~」にもぜひご参加ください。

SusHiTech Tokyo 2024 でお会いできることを楽しみにしています!
(Please find the English version of this SusHiTech Tokyo 2024 page after the contact card below.)

Meet our experts at SusHiTech Tokyo 2024

Profile picture of Mayumi Shimizu



Senior Business Advisor
The energetic Mayumi is the master matchmaker and top organiser of visits. She knows pretty much all there is to know about Espoo's innovation ecosystem. This Japanese gift to Enter Espoo helps international corporations land in Espoo and investors to find the finest success stories. She spends her leisure on her kids' terms, enjoying the culture and outdoors in Espoo's Waterfront Walkway and Nuuksio.
Profile picture of Jaana Tuomi



Open and ambitious, Jaana leads a pack of twenty artists, reflects on the brand and develops (sometimes wild) visions with her team. This orchestrator of ecosystems is a natural-born networker — she wants to help others grow and develop and goes all-out for her projects. Her personal growth and peace of mind stem from yoga, enjoying nature and her family.

Enter the city of deep tech and sustainability — meet us at SusHiTech Tokyo 2024

Welcome to the epicentre of Finnish innovation! Espoo is Finland's innovation and R&D capital, focusing on deep tech, science-based sustainable innovation, and radical multi-talent collaboration. 

Meet us at SusHiTech Tokyo 2024 on 15–16 May. You can easily access Finland's world-leading deep tech and sustainable innovations at our Espoo city booth.

Espoo booth and panel discussion at SushiTech

Drop by our Espoo city booth at SusHiTech Tokyo on 15–16 May to meet our friendly Senior Business Advisor, Mayumi Shimizu, and CEO, Jaana Tuomi, and top experts from VTT Finnish Technology Research Center and Smart City Innovation Cluster. We also invite you to our SusHiTech panel discussion, "What makes Finland one of Europe's leading startup and innovation communities? Lessons from Espoo City," from 13:00 to 13:45 on 15 May at Tokyo Big Sight venue.  

"Enter Espoo's wide and strong networks of startups, universities, and other innovation players have helped us a lot." Mitch Nozaki, General Manager, Business Innovation & Incubation, Murata Electronics Europe

What does Espoo offer you?

  • Connect with Finland's leading innovation and R&D players: Aalto University, VTT, and many of Finland's biggest companies, such as Nokia, Fortum, Neste, and KONE, are headquartered and test solutions in Espoo.
  • Access leading European quantum tech and microelectronics ecosystem.
  • Multiple innovation communities: Explore the opportunities of two dozen innovation clusters, such as the Smart City Innovation Cluster. 
  • Systemic innovation: Espoo is the densest community of systemic innovation in the world. 
  • Leading university-driven startup community
  • Find tech talent: Talent pool of Europe's top student-driven startup community and the largest innovation community in the Nordics.

Enter Espoo is wholly owned by the City of Espoo. We help you navigate the local innovation community, find the best ways to do R&D and start your business in the city. 

We hope to see you at SusHiTech Tokyo 2024!