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Black sheet fabric hung to dry by the sea

Infinited Fiber Company closes a €40 million development financing round


Infinited Fiber Company, the sustainable fashion tech startup, completed a two-part €40 million development financing round. The new investors, including Inditex Group (owner of Zara), TTY Management, Youngone, and Goldwin, join the existing backers with the second part investment of €27 million.

The first round came from H&M Group, Adidas, BESTSELLER, Zalando, VTT Ventures, Security Trading, and Nidoco AB in 2013.

Infinited Fiber Company's major stakeholders going forward are Inditex, TTY Management, and H&M Group.

Infinited Fiber's CEO Petri Alava expressed excitement about the new investors believing in the supefiber Infinna™ to be a true circularity game-changer in the textile industry.

Image: ©Infinited Fiber Company