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NATO's DIANA accelerator and test centre to be established in Espoo


NATO's DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic) programme is expanding its network to Espoo, Finland. A DIANA accelerator and test centre will be established at VTT's site in Espoo's innovation ecosystem.

Espoo will be part of NATO's DIANA programme as the network will establish an accelerator and a test centre in VTT's site in Otaniemi. VTT will set up the accelerator in collaboration with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

The DIANA accelerator will focus on developing future communication systems and quantum technologies, while the test centre will concentrate on secure connectivity, space, and quantum tech.

DIANA deep tech accelerator for startups

The DIANA accelerator will help companies develop deep technologies and innovations for commercial and defence purposes. The accelerator will target startups and SMEs with limited experience in the defence and security sector. The first application round for the Espoo accelerator will open in 2024.

Espoo test centre — focus on secure connectivity, space and quantum tech

Two DIANA test centres will be established in Finland in Espoo and Oulu. The Espoo test centre will be at the VTT site in Otaniemi, and the Olulu site will be located at the University of Oulu. Espoo's test centre will focus on secure connectivity, space, and quantum tech.

Companies can use the test centres to reinforce their tech expertise and competitiveness. The test centres will provide all companies in NATO countries with ready-to-use research facilities, equipment, and top-level expertise in the respective fields. The startups participating in the DIANA accelerator programme can also use the test centres.

Innovations that the world needs

Espoo is one of the leading innovation communities in Europe, and the community's tradition in science-based innovations and multidisciplinary collaboration between companies, universities, and the public sector provides a reliable foundation for the DIANA network. By offering leading expertise in quantum technologies, semiconductors, AI, and cybersecurity, Espoo is ready to help solve many of the most pressing global challenges.