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Women-founded Startups in Espoo's innovation community


From groundbreaking tech innovators to societal changemakers, Espoo's women-founded startups are not just about the bottom line — they're creating the kind of innovations the world needs. 

Espoo's women-founded startups include soonicorns, some of Finland's most robust growers, and recently established rising stars. Get the essential information about Espoo's startups founded by women in our Dealroom collection by clicking the button below. The list features all startups that have originated from Espoo with at least one female founder.

Espoo's women-founded startups 

A few key findings about Espoo's startups founded by women:

  • Women-founded startups got 26,5% of all investments received by Espoo-based companies in 2023. The percentage is significantly higher than the European average (18,5%).
  • Enfuce is a soonicorn company with an all-women group of founders and co-CEOs
  • Origin by Ocean is among the startups selected on Talouselämä's (Finland's leading weekly financial magazine) new list of 10 hottest startups in Finland in 2024. Mari Granström is Origin by Ocean's CEO and founder.

Please let us know if we need to include a women-founded company missing from the list.

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